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Own a Tax Business
We invite you to learn more about the most exciting tax business opportunity in America. EDU Tax Advisors is the most exciting tax business opportunity for the following reasons:
Our tax system

  • has low capital requirements to get started,
  • provides you with a sales force to help promote your tax business,
  • helps you deliver high quality returns through the use of our exclusive EDU Knowledge NetworkTM,
  • surrounds you with other professionals in the areas of legal and financial matters to complete the advice you give to your clients,
  • provides the structure to give your clients a personal touch.

If you want to become a critical component of a team of Legal and Financial Advisors providing high quality advice, then we should talk.

Learn more about the EDU Tax Business Opportunity by clicking hear. We will send you an email with a questionnaire for you fill out and fax back to us.

Medicare Advantage
Medicare Advantage plans represent a tremendous opportunity for you to help your clients. In 2006, Private Fee for Service Plans (PFFS Plans) were introduced to Medicare eligible beneficiaries. Beneficiaries are eligible for these plans if they have Medicare Part A and B, live in the areas that the plans are offered and do not have End Stage Renal Disease ( Kidney failure on dialysis).

The benefit to your clients is that they can have a plan with low or no premiums (they still pay their Medicare part B premium). In addition, they may receive additional benefits not currently covered under Medicare such as hearing, dental and vision. The benefit to you is that you will inform your clients of a plan that may lead them to thousands of dollars a year in savings.

To make this a growth business for you, we provide you access to Medicare Advantage Lead companies that can provide you preset, low cost, qualified appointments with eligible beneficiaries.

We are having informational seminars where you can hear more about this opportunity and contract with National Carriers with the largest coverage and best contracts. At this seminar you will learn how to turn this into a year round business. Click here to request contracting information and to find out where our next meeting will be located.

Please fill out the information on this page and we will contact you. If you do not see a meeting in your area, we can make other arrangements for you to learn about this opportunity.

Financial Professionals -Join the EDU Advisor Network
When you become part of the EDU Advisor NetworkTM, you and your clients will benefit from the knowledge of Tax and Legal advisors in the network. Imagine that, when you meet with clients and have questions on tax or legal matters, you will be able to turn to a tax advisor or attorney and get the answer. The tax advisor and attorney are part of your team where you are the quarterback and control the direction of the team. Your clients will appreciate that they can come to one place for advice.

In addition, if you are a financial representative looking for an independent platform to grow your business, we can help!

  • Are you an insurance and/or securities licensed professional that would like to have preset appointments?
  • Would you like to run a marketing system that can put up to a 1000 people per year in front of you?
  • Do you want to work with a network of tax, legal and financial professionals?
  • Do you want to eliminate undue pressures to sell proprietary company products?

Click here to fill out a form that will help us get know each other better and help you determine if we are a fit for you.

CPAs- Join the EDU Knowledge Network
We are looking for skilled CPA firms to become part of our EDU Knowledge NetworkTM. Our goal is to provide our Tax Business participants with the support needed so they can provide quality returns. As a Knowledge Network Regional CPA affiliate, you will work on returns that 1) require an advanced level of knowledge and 2) are provided by our tax business offices located in your exclusive EDU Knowledge NetworkTM region. In essence, you will acquire incremental business at virtually no cost to you.
Click here and fill out a form so that we may present more information about the EDU Knowledge NetworkTM.

At EDU Tax Advisors we believe that Attorneys and the advice they provide is an integral part of our clientsí success. We are looking for Attorneys that want to be part of a network of Tax and Financial professionals all working together to provide exceptional Elder and Estate Planning advice on a referral basis. If you donít have experience in Elder Law and would like to expand your knowledge, we recommend that you join the American Council of Estate and Elder Law Planners. There you will be provided with support and documents for complicated issues in Elder and Estate Law.

Click here and fill out a form to learn more about this opportunity.