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EDU Real Estate Group:

EDU Real Estate Group is a full service Real Estate Brokerage Company. We represent buyers and sellers for residential and commercial properties. We also represent new construction, existing property and lots of land.

The EDU Advantage:

EDU provides both you and our agents access to the professional expertise of our affiliate companies through EDU Tax Advisors (link to EDU Home) under one roof. By providing access to professional advice and analysis of experts from various financial and legal disciplines all under one roof, it not only saves you time and money, but more importantly, helps you to make a more informed decision which results in a more positive experience. This has proved especially true for commercial transactions.

EDU's philosophy is to provide advice and analysis in a non-pressurized educational format thus our name "EDU". Our approach has proven to create client loyalty in the form of both repeat business and referrals, which means a win/win situation for everyone.

Let us know if you are looking to buy or looking to sell. We look forward to working with you!